Wednesday, 20 July 2011


i m addicted to korean drama!!! yes... so much that i watch it everyday! if i have to spend all my time just watching korean drama, i will!!! with no regret... so this blog is created to point out my view on certain drama which i already watch and of cos my all time favourite.. :)

why did i like korean drama so much?????????? for those who also love it . of cos will know...

1. of course lah because the actor are damn much cute, handsome on top of the world
2. The story line... this is important... all of them are very2 interesting story, unpredictable and very differrent for each and every drama
3. not lame or bored, u getting much exited everytime and waiting for each episode to me with a nervous feeling
4. Revolve around real life story.. i mean something common, something that happen to us people , not just come out of imaginary,,

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