Thursday, 1 November 2012


Hello. hello. Anyeonghaseyo. Assalamualaikum... :) Today i would like to give a review to my all time favourite Drama Hong Gil Dong.. The screenplay was written by the Hong Sister. and if u guys knew Hong Sister then you will know what kind of story it will come out to be...

I decided to watch this drama because its written by Hong Sister. And beside there is Jang Geun Suk in there. Before i watch certain drama actually I will search about the info, who the actor and actress and also screenplay. I came accross lead actor and try searching for the pic of him and i think he is just so-so at the first glance. Then i said to myself.. Jang Geun Suk is in there rite.. Dont mind that so so lead actor. But after a few episode , I fall in love totally , madly deeply to that lead actor and forget about Jang Geun Suk Completely... :)

So who is the guy that had stolen my lil heart.. ?

He is Kang Ji Hwan. For Korean drama lover, u might recognize this guy.. :) this is the 1st drama of his that i watch and i really like the attitude that he represent. The drama revolved around Joseon Dynasty era.He is an olja ( mother was a slave and father was a noble man). So being born as olja, he cannot do anything, He is actually a very inteligent person but since his father said he cannot do anything(goes to school, take the gov test and work as official), so he didn`t do anything. Even so, he still love his father. He is willing to do anything his father asked him to do. Even dying..  He learn martial art from a Monk. His dream is to change the world (human live status where he want all the human are equal). He steal from the noble and give the wealth to the poor.. He is like Joseon Robin Hood..

This drama will make u laugh out loud.. Trust me (Always said this words) .. But well trust me. I watch this online, and i bought a cd and watch it with my sister . She further her study in KL and brought the CD along and watch with her friend and all of her friend love it...They like it so much until the one of the cd lost and never found again.. until now... See... the power of Hong Gil dong.. :)

This drama is a combination of History, Comedy, Romantic, Sad moment, Melodrama.. You will find yourself crying and laughing at the same time.. well thats happen to me anyway.. if thats not happen to u then i need to re-schedule  my mental again...... :)

Sung Yu ri as Heo Yi Nok . She is a cheerful and happy go lucky girl and she is the girl of Hong Gil DOng Life. Even the prince Love Her... :) what a lucky lady.. I really relly like her in this drama . I am so so glad if they are real couple in real live cos they look so good together,,, :)

so,,, what are waiting for ?? GO and watch this drama.. NOW! :)

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