Thursday, 1 November 2012


This drama is about a modern doctor , who travel back to the Joseon dynasty time during King Gojong reign . He meet with Prince Heungseon (King Gojong father) and became close to him. Luckily when he lost in the Joseon time, he bring along the bag with a few medical equipment. He had help the people of Joseon through his modern medical experince. He perform surgery and even made penicillin to the joseon people..He also meet the girl name Mina whose face look like his own fiance in modern life. Because of his medical skill he almost change history because he had save the person he shouln`t save. But luckily everything turn back to normal and he manage to came back to the modern life .

Through this drama, you can learn Korean History which is kind of alienated to us who isn`t Korean Citizen. I really2 like the history kind of story like this. Even though its mix with the fiction but the originallity of the history still preserve.

I hope you guys enjoy watching this drama like I did,,, till then,,, Gamsahamnida !

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