Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Assalamualaikum ....
Anyeong haseyo beautiful people.
Finally i finish watching "May Queen"

38 episode total.
thats why it been ages to finish , LOL
The reason to watch this drama ?
Because i like Jae Hee :)
If Jae Hee was not the cast then i think maybe i didnt feel so eager to watch .. hehehe...
So lets look at the cast 

Han Ji Hye ( Grown up Hae Joo/Yoo Jin)

Kim Jae Woon ( Grown Up Kang San )

Jae Hee ( Grown up Chang Hee )

Lee Duk Hwa (Jang Do Hyun)

and the list goes on... :)
As u can see the picture at the top was the character when they grow up and when they are 
still young.. and u will get the idea 
who had became who, alrite ?

Hae Joo was a determined girl cos she grown up in a very poor family.
Even tho she grown up with her adopted family but 
she managed to cope with everything.
She had overcome many obstacles since she was young including 
winning over her adopted mother`s heart.

Her real mother was actually a madam who had remarried with Jang Do Hyeon,
the evil person who had killed her father.
Jang Do Hyeon had instructed to kill her but
Park Gi Cheol the servant had gave Hae Joo to his friend in Hae Nam who then 
take care of her as though she was her real daughter .
He was killed by hit and run because of this too after that.

sources : Asian Wiki

While growing up, she had made friend with
Park Chang Hee , Gi Cheol`s only son,
Kang San , the grandson of Haepong shipbuilding chairman,
Jang In Hwa , Jang Do Hyeon only daughter .
And Jang Il Moon who was a bad kid since young who were Jang Do Hyeon son.

picture sources Hancinema

After her father`s death , Hae Joo and her family move to other place 
and settle down .
Since they are poor she give up studying to give a chance to her brother.
She work as a welder and when she grow up and an expert in that field.
She keep in touch with Park Chang Hee and they became lovers.
Park Chane Hee had became prosecutor .
Kang San had been send to study in America by his grandfather because 
he wanted to take revenge to Jang Do Hyeon who
had take over Haepong shipbuilding .
Haepong shipbuilding had been expand and rename as Cheonji Shipbuilding.

Hae Joo had apply a job at Cheonji and had been accepted.
She then move back to Ulsan with all her family.
They live together with Yoon Joong Woo, who were 
Yoon Hak Soo only brother.
Without her knowing she had been working with her father`s killer.
Jang Do Hyeon had acknowledge her talent in welding and had become 
the head of the team.

Kang San return to Korea and had work with the Noble company who were specialize in ship building. 
Since Cheonji want to build drill ship and Kang San was there to supervise, consult and stuff 
like that ..
And thats when she meet Hae Joo and he was the person who
pick her for the job he actually fail at the interview. 

Kang San since he was young really like Hae Joo ,
but in Hae Joo`s heart there is someone else.
While Jang In Hwa had  love Kang San ever since they know each other,
but Kang San refuse her heart to the end.
Finally Hae Joo discovered her birth mother that she long for.
and her uncle who had been living with her family.

Park Chang Hee had became other person in order to get 
revenge to Jang Do Hyeon who treated him and his father like a
dog all their life.
He quit his job as prosecutor and manage to climb up 
the spot of chairman of Cheonji Shipbuilding.
He even left Hae Joo and married In Hwa for that .
Finally Kang San managed to get Hae Joo`s heart.

At last , All Jang Do Hyeon evil deed had been discovered.
He not only killed Yoon Hak Soo but also Kang Hwi and her wife who
were Kang San`s parent.
Even Kang San grandfather was killed by his right man.
That was just because he want the 7 mines that had been discover by Hak Soo and Kang Hwi.
In order to get the drilling right ,
he instructed his staff to steal Hae Joo and Kang San creation.
But that did not work at all.
All his hard work for killing all the people vanish just like that.
He gave up the microfilm that contain the information and location of the mining place.
but to who and why ????
thats for u to find out yourself.....

Ok please watch ..
This drama made me cry.
I dont know about you but for me
it touch my heart since it involve family :)
I kind of cut short the story. 
You will know the detail if u watch yourself and enjoy the show.
For this drama they didnt grow up until ep 11 .. LOL
so everything were kind of detail

Heppy watching.... 

Gud bye!


  1. waaaa! best nye pelakon2 die.! ni drama serious ek?

    1. drama kekeluargaan+percintaan+comedy sikit2 . tapi banyak yang sedih la..bes citer ni 38ep berjalan tak terasa sebab cerita ni tak boring :)

  2. Wah addict ng korea drama...sama la kita..:)

    1. yupyup... hari2 tgk drama korea pon xjemu. :)

    2. nanti ada cerita baru2..update la yep..Lica da bnyak tertinggal..:(

    3. alrite lica syg. ada beberapa cerita yg akak dh siap tengok tapi belom sempat nk tls dlm ni. nti akak update k . stay tune :)

  3. Tahniah lieya. cantik dan menarik kak lieya buat blog teruja kak emie membaca. blog yang menarik terutama drama korea.. akak emie peminat drama korea.. nti update selalu yek.. Thank :) << eMie Hashim >>