Sunday, 30 December 2012


Anyeong haseyo beautiful people... :)]

I was just finish this drama entittle
The thousandth man ..
It was a story about a Gumiho girl who want to be a human.
The rules is that she had to eat 100 liver of a man .
Gu Mi Sun the mother of a fox and Gu Mi Mo the sister already became a human
since they already collect all 1000 liver from a man.
But Gu Mi Jin .
She is different from her mother and sister.
She only take a liver from the man that love him.
And because of this reason,
she didnt manage to become a human as yet.
Her mother was very disappointed and had set him up with a man
but all her effort turn failed.
Gu Mi Jin find her last 1000th man who was willing to give up his liver .
But she refuse to take it,
She then vaporize and disappear.
And that`s the end of her life,

Well the ending , to tell u the truth ..
I dont really like it.,
The episode was too short.
I think they should create some miracle to make this drama much brighter ..
Really disappointed,
But the storyline is quite fun and not boring at all.
I think it takes two days for you to finish it :)

hepy watching!

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