Thursday, 1 November 2012


This is my favourite sitcom... Liking it so much that i dont want this sitcom to end. If i finish this sitcom i think i will watch in over again.. This sitcom is so hilarious that whenever i watch it, i will laugh out loud until all my family wonder what type of story did i watch that make me laugh like that.Before i had heard about this sitcom but didnt intend to watch it.. But since this drama had become so glamour and people are starting to talk about it, i decided to give it a try. And the result , I am sticking to this sitcom like a glue! To those who never watch this. please please do so or you will regret for the rest of your life :)


The sitcom is about a very funny family and each and every member of this family has a very unique character which . The storyline of this sitcom is about the family everyday life activity..... I dont know if there is people who doesnt think this sitcom is funny but for me this is the best so far.

This is the head of the family . Lee Sun Jae. He is very straight father and grandfather to the Lee family. He is an Oriental Doctor and he work at his own hospital which situated at the same building as their house. He is married to Na Mun Hee , who used to be the maid at his house when he was young. He love to kick his son and grandson butt when he is angry. Somethick he knock a spoon at their head. 

This is Mr Lee Soon Jae Wife, Na Mun Hee(thats her real name). She is a very loving mother, grandmother and wife. She was the maid at Lee Soon Jae house when she was young. She dont like her 1st daughter in law that much because of her attitude. But when the times passes by, she grow to get used to her. She babysit Joonie, her 2nd son`s baby since they divorce

jung jun ha as Lee Jun Ha. He is the 1st son of Lee Family . Married to Park Haemi and have two son, Lee Yunho and Lee Min Ho. He used to work as Stock Adviser quit his work and work at home taking care of his father stock. Soon after a few years he team up with his friend an open a firm. He is a funny person and he liked to fart whenever he please and thats the reason he always got that high kick from Mr Lee Sun Jae. 

Park Haemi is Lee Jung Ha wife. She is also an oriental doctor. She work together with her father in law at their family clinic. She is a very bright person. Her personalities sometimes is a bit arrogant and ignorance. Even i grow to hate her at first because of that so confident attitude that she had. She is a loving mother and romantic wife. 

Choi Min Yong as Lee Min Yong is the second son`s of Lee Family. He is a sport Teacher at Pungpa High School where the all his niece goes to school. He is a very cool guy . Once married to Shinji and divorced . He had a son name Joon. He secretly dating Pungpa High School English teacher . He had a really bad relationship with his sister in law Haemi because of their opposite opinion and other stuff

Kim Hye Seong play the role Lee Min Ho in this sitcom. He is th 1st grandson of Lee family and the first son to Lee Jung Ha and Park Hae Mi. He is straight A student at Pungpa and also the favourite grandson of the family. Although he is the brother to Lee Yun Ho, because of his small phisical , he alway been bullied by YunHo. He is best friend with Kim Bom. He date Kang Yu Mi until one day Yumi left him without words. 

Jeong Il Woo as Lee Yun Ho. He is the 2nd grandson of Lee Family . A very interesting boy, He love to sleep at school. He came in and  go out through the window whenever he want to enter the class or even go home. He is a guy who every girl dream of. With handsome face and sophisticated look, He sure capture girl heart. But he did not date anyone. He had a crush on his homeroom teacher Miss Seo Min Jong , who dated his uncle. He know martial art and he like to ride on motorbike.

and the list goes on..... Please watch this sitcom. and you will totally loving it .. Trust me.. 


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