Monday, 5 November 2012


hello .. hello..
Anyeong haseyo!
Firstly I just want to know why did i watch the ending at my work place...
The answer is, i never thought my eyes will suddenly water... (@_@)
the ending just make me wanna cry...

I know most of you already watch this drama.
This drama is an adaption from Japanese Drama `Hana Kimi`
I donno if there is similarity in which part of the drama since i did not watch Hana Kimi,
But i like to the beautiful u so much,
Since episode 1.
The cast is Choi Min Ho as Kang Tae Joon
Sulli (Fx) as Goo Jae Hee
Lee Hyun Woo as Eun Gyul 
and many others extended cast

The story is about a girl name Goo Jae Hee who live in America,
She then came to Korea to the school where her favourite idol is studying.
Her favourite idol is Kang Tae Joon,
who is an Olympic Gold medal for High Jump,
She once get inspire by him when she was down.
"Miracle is another name for success"
This is the words that inspired her since then
Because the school was all boy school,
she had to disguise herself as a boy,
Luckily , She got to stay at the same room as Kang Tae Joon.
At first they did not get along,
Since Tae Joon dont like to share the room with others
but later on they became closer,
And Tae Joon found out that she was actually a girl,without her knowing.
But he pretend like nothing happen.
There is a doctor who work there know that she was a girl ,
when one day she went for a check up there,
But the doctor keep the secret since he think that Jae Hee want to do a good deeds to Tae Joon,
since Tae Joon Lost his confident over his mothers death when he was at Olympic Game
Beside Tae Joon, There is Eun gyul,
who was nice to Jae He since the First day she moved to that school,
They had became closer,
And Eun Gyul grew to like her more and more,
He thought he was a gay ,
He even confess to her...
when he finally discover that Jae Hee was a girl.
He is so mad ..
but then they made up again.
She manage to hide her gender until one day she faint. due to heavy workout.
At that time neither Tae Joon nor Eun Gyul was there,
Then all over the school discover she was actually a girl.
but all of them made the decision to let it be and not letting the head school know,
Jae Hee then realize its time for he to go.
She went back to America without Tae Joon knowing,
Tae Joon was at the qualification for Olympic game when she left,
But after a year they meet again,,,
and thats the end,

I just made it so simple since i want you guys to watch it yourself.
So what are u waiting for ?
watch now at


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