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Hello. hello.. Anyeong haseyo everyone!
i just finished watching Arang and the majistrate.. 
it was such a great - great drama,,
20 episode. 
A great collaboration of Lee Jung Ki and Shin Min Ah..

The drama is about a ghost name Arang who lost all her memory before her death and had been wandering around Miryang town for 3 years.
She then meet with Kim Eun Oh who later became Magistrate of the Miryang town.
Kim Eun Oh is a very special person because he can see ghost and thats how he managed to get to know Arang.
Arang need that magistrate to solve the secret behind her death while that Magistrate need Arang to find his mother since Arang had her mother`s hair pin with her.
She claimed that she had that hair pin since the day she became ghost.
The hair pin was given by his master along with a fan which can kill soul.
His master is actually Jade Emperor.
They became close since then. Later Arang find out her identity.
 Her real name when she was a human was Lee Seo Rim.
She was a daughter to Magistrate of that town who also passed away after two years of her death.
She once engaged with Lord Choi son Choi Ju Wal.
But nothing had any connection to her death.
Later her body was found at the stream.
And from that day on she promised to Lee So Rim corpse that she will find out about her death.

 She meet with the shaman name Bang Ul Ri who only hear her voice and did not see her.
By the help of the shaman she managed to enter the underworl and meet with the Jade Emperor and Yeom Ra to asked about her death.
The Jade Emperor gave her a chance to find out about her death herself and let her became an immortal human. If she managed to reveal the truth about her death, she will be given a prize of heaven
and if she doesnt she will go to hell.
When she discover the real truth about her death, the bell wing ring.
She then returned to Miryang town and meet with the Magistrate
She told him about it and then they begin to investigation again.
Soon after that , they found a house in the middle of the forbidden woods.
And nearby there are unknown skeleton at that place .
The magistrate thought one of the skeleton belong to his mother.
So he instructed all the skeleton to be moved to the magistrate office and all of them are a women skeleton
since all of them were found with women accessories.
And that place was locked with a talisman which block heaven.
Means all soul that are inside there can never cross nor come in there.
And heavens cannot detect the location of the soul ..
Kim Eun Oh removed all the talisman.

He became more suspicious when he found out that the same talisman was placed at  Lord Choi house.
He went there and try to sneak up and find an underground place but no one was there.
That place was belong to a heaven fairy name Mooyeon who want to became a human.
She used human body to reside and will eat a human liver every full moon on lap year to gain her power.
She moved from one human to another and this time it was Kim Eun Oh Mother.
Mooyeon had used Lord Choi as her servant and in return she gave him wealthiness and power.
Choi Ju Wal were actually not Lord Choi son.
He was once an unfortunate child that Moo Yeon used to kill all the girls that were found buried at that site.
The only person that can kill her is Moo Yeong who was a Grim Reaper and her brother and lover when she was a human. When Kim Eun Oh finally saw Moo Yeon in his mom Presence he was so shock. He thought he had finally meet his mom .Later on he learn that Moo Yeon just using his mother`s body.
When Moo Yeon found out that Arang had an immortal body , she want her body because she want to live forever.

Moo Yeong tried to kill Mooyeon many times but failed everytime.
Moo Yeon ran away since Kim Eun Oh and Moo Yeong found his whereabout.
In the meantime , magistrate Kim Eun Oh had revealed all the dirty work Lord Choi had done. Lord Choi had been caught and while taking him to the court, his right hand man had kill him and thats the end of Lord  Choi life. Soon as Moo Yeon began to loose her power , Arang slowly recover her memory.
She then remember how she die but still the bell didnt ring.
There must be something wrong with it.
Kim Eun Oh had to kill his own mother in order to get Moo Yeon out of her body.
And that was what his mother want him to do.
When Kim Eun Oh Stab his mother with the hair pin that the jade Emperor gave to him,
Moo Yeon get out of Kim eun Oh`s mom body.
She ran to Arang to take over her body, but since she is so weak , she failed.
Moo Yeong Kill her and kill himself after that.
Before that , He already told Kim Eun Oh how to find out about Arang death.
They have to go to the forest where they place a book of life and death.
and in order to go there they have to go by soul.
With the help of the shaman , they managed to go to that place.
But their soul have to return on time if not they will die.
Only Kim Eun Oh can enter the place where they place the book of life and death
And to find the book he must make it in time
Kim Eun found a shocking thing that his book were there.
He once died at the age of 6 but the Jade Emperor save him.
He also found the reason why Arang died.
It was because of herself. He then managed to meet with The Jade Emperor and Yeom Ra.
He want to replace Arang place if Arang had to go to Hell.
when the time was up the shaman tried to woke Arang and Kim eun Oh up,
But only Arang was awake while Kim Eun Oh still there.
Its finally time for Arang to go back. Soon Kim Eun Oh wake up and saw Arang was dragged to a black hole.He then push Arang away and give himself in instead.
Both of them went to heaven but They want to became a human.
They reincarnated and meet again in real life.
They live happily ever after... :)

Fuhhhh.. thats the end of the story.. I hope that u enjoy reading it and will watch this drama as soon as possible.. :) I skip a few part since its sooooo hard to story all the detail.. :)

Thanx for reading!

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