Sunday, 23 December 2012


Anyeonghaseyo to all beautiful people out there
This is my recently watch Drama
I watch this drama because it rank below 100 in dramacrazy site
and my friend said this drama was such a great drama 
so i try to watch it and end up falling in love with the drama.. :)

The story is about a woman named Seo Yoo Kyung who work at La Sfera 
as Kitchen assistant for 3 years .
When she finally managed to be a cook,
She was fired by the new Italian graduated Chef , Choi hyun Wook,
Along with her 3 other colleagues.
The new chef didnt like a woman to be in his kitchen so he fired them intentionally.
Seo Yoo Kyung was a determined and have a great spirit in working, 
so she refuse to leave La Sfera .
With her great effort, she managed to stay at the kitchen and be the only woman there 
while her 3 others colleague left jobless and later on the open a pasta restaurant but not so success and they 
hate the chef so much..
The chef had brought all of his other Italian graduated chef under him to work together.
And thats make the kitchen a battlefield since the local chef and the Italian chef  didnt get along at all.
The local chef envy the Italian chef for their look and talent in cooking..
(the italian chef)

When working together like this ,
Seo Yoo Kyung fall in love with the chef .
Even though the chef never treat her that good , he still caught her attention with his charming character.
She confess her love to him without any regret.
And because Seo Yoo Kyung was a very humble person she managed to make the chef love her back.
Choi Hyun Wook had been heartbroken because of her ex girlfriend that had betray him in cooking competition to win and that was one of the reason why he dont want woman to be in his kitchen.
His ex girlfriend was , Chef Oh Se Young who end up being a house mate with Seo Yoo Kyung.
And she still have a heart with Choi Hyun Wook.
Beside Choi Hyun Wook , there was another person who had a crush on Seo Yoo Kyung for 3 years.
That was Kim San who was a chairmain of La Sfera.
He watch and try to get her attention secretly for 3 years.
What a pity .
Seo Yoo Kyung and Choi Hyun Wook secretly dating but soon the Eun Soo , the kitchen assistant found out about it... And after a few time after they manage to shut eun Soo up , the 3 other woman that had been fired by Choi Hyun Wook find out about it too and spread the rumors to all other kitchen chef
and they got caught..
But at the end the manage to erase all the hatred,
and became a happy kitchen family...

When watching this drama ,,, 
I really really crave for the pasta .. :)
Some people dont like this drama but i find this drama so amusing and not boring at all..
What about ?? watch it and find out yourself..

Until then have a great day!

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