Sunday, 23 December 2012


Anyeonghaseyo everyone!!!
Well i want to share this movie i watch last week..
Tittle : The Quiet family...

This family had move to the Mountain and  run a business of a motel .
But the there were not much people came to stay there..
One day one of the hiker stay at their motel.
but suddenly he died mysteriously ...
They are so surprised and scared at the same time..
but they didnt called the police .
The excuse : They dont want the motel to be out of business because of that reason..
So they bury that man near their house.
and they live like usual.
After a while there were a couple who stay there and end up dying the same way.
Once again they did the same thing..
what a crazy family,
But i like this movie and find it so amusing .. LOL...

So watch it and laugh out loud!


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