Saturday, 10 November 2012


Tittle : The Great Doctor
Year : 2012
Episode : 24
Network : SBS

Cast : 

Lee Min Ho ( Choi Young)

Kim Hee Seon ( Yoo Eun Soo)

Extended Cast : 

Lee Phillip ( Dr Jang Bin )

Park Se Young ( Princess Nogo0g)

Ryu Deok Hwan ( King Gongmin )

and many others...

Hello,, hello..
anyeong haseyo every one...
I have just finish watching this drama,,
Guess what ?? my eyes suddenly water when the drama end... 
Overwhelming happiness for the happy ending i guess,,:)

This drama is about a plastic surgery doctor named Yoo Eun Soo,  who travel back in the time of Goryeo Dynasty under reign of King Gongmin. She was dragged to this world by General Choi Young who was the king right arm.
And was promised to be send back to her world (present year) after she cure the queen who was hurt during the expedition to Goryeo from Yuan.
but after she had succeeding the surgery over the queen, King Gongmin didnt want her to leave Goryeo because her skill might be useful to the Goryeo nation but she refuse.
Choi Young , upon king Gongmin request did not keep his promise to send her back.
As a result, the doctor stab him and he was badly injured.
She felt so bad for doing that to him and went back to the palace to cure him until he is healthy again.
Because of her talent , many other opponent want to take her as their people. One of them is Gi Cheol, who was a brother to Empress Qi from Yuan nation.. 
He tried many tactic to take her but failed to the end.
He really want to go the the present world which they call it as Heaven. ALong with him are his pledged brother and sister who are very skillful. One has a very sharp ears and another one has a hand of fire. They are the person that accomplish every Gi Cheol wishes. Gi Cheol had a relic item who was originally an item own by a great doctor name Hwata. 
What so interesting about it is that all the item are all look like an item from a present world. 
He show that to Eun Soo and she was shock.
There were also a diary with her name in there. By using that diary She tried to solve the date of the heaven gate to open again. Beside Gi Cheol there is this other person who was actually King Gong Min uncle. He want the throne so badly that he had joint hand with Gi Cheol.
He even poisoned Eun Soo twice for that reason. 
Eun Soo and Choi Young grew very close . One day she safe a boy who had some kind of illness and he was Yi Seung Gye, The person that in the history will kill Choi Young and build the nation called Joseon. But Choi Young did not even waver, Both Eun Soo and Choi Young had grown to love each other. Even though she had figured out the date for the heaven door to be open, she had made a decision to stay with Choi Young till the end .
What happen next ??? Please watch it and you will know the ending.... :)

The drama is somewhat a very slow plotting but it sure is a good one.. since Lee Min Ho was there,
And still with the same cool character as always..
And thats what i love him the best.....
This is actually the 1st drama that i watch that happen during Goryeo, 
I kind of study a bit of it since i am history mania. 
Before i am only aware of Joseon .. I know Goryeo just by its name.
And as i reas about the nation i can conclude that Goryeo was not as great as Joseon dynasty  nation since it was ruled under the Monarch of Yuan. and in order to keep the relationship with Yuan all Goryeo king must married Yuan princess...

well thats it... I hope for those who did not watch this drama yet,,, Please do so.... 
And try to understand Goryeo through this drama,,,

Until then, bye! and thanxx for spending your precious time reading this! 


  1. cam best je citer ni. x sempat nak ikut lagi.

    1. memang best. walaupon permulaan dia agak slow, tapi jalan cerita dia agak menarik. Bagi orang yang memang minat drama sejarah + fantasy ni. mesti kena tengok.. jangan lupa tengok tau.. :) tengok kat dramacrazy atau ep drama. link ada kat atas sebelah kiri..

  2. I love this series. Its worth watching.