Monday, 5 November 2012


Tittle : Deep Rooted tree
Episode : 21
Network broadcasting : SBS
Cast : 
Jang Hyuk as Ddol Bok/Kang Chye yoon
Han Suk Kyu as King Sejong
Shin Se Kyung as Dam/So Yi

and many others extended cast

Hello . anyoeng haseyo everyone! 
Today i would like to review this drama which i had watch not long ago(this year)... 
This drama tell a story about how King Sejong had created Hangul (Korean Alphabet) and the revenge of a slave boy name Ddol Bok who lost his father and
 all his slave family because of the late King Tejong. 
Ddol Bok then grew up and became a warrior at the North and then he got accepted to became one of the Officer at the Palace. 
That bring him closer to King Sejong who he want to take revenge to.
 He thought his childhood friend, Dam had already dead too.
But  Dam was safe and she live at the Palace by using the name So Yi.
 She became mute because of the trauma that she had while his father and all other slave family been murder dramatically. 
She became one of King Sejong favourite Palace Woman and had cooperate in creating Hangul.
King Sejong while creating this alphabet had made a great effort to accomplish this. 
He even asked his people to cut the throat of a human to see how it look like on the inside.
At that time there are many people who oppose the creation of this alphabet. 
it is because when this easy alphabet is created,
all the commoner will know how to read and write.
It will be the threat to all the Noble Man.
The will not special again as all the people are clever.
But King Sejong only think of his people. 
He had try many thing to preserve all the material that he used in order to create Hangul.
and thanx to him, all the Korean people is using it now.
So all the hard work did not just go to waste just like that... :)
To know the ending of this drama . please watch it,,, 
It is a drama full of suspen and you will not getting tired watching it...

Try learning Hangul and you will know how easy the alphabet is. I had memorized all but still working on the language which is still in Level 1 (LOL)

Well, To Hangul Lovers, Please watch this..
Thats all for now and thanxx for reading... :)

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