Monday, 19 November 2012


Anyeong Haseyo!
Last night while watching May Queen (will review it once finish!) ,
I search for a pic of my favourite actor, Jae Hee (Park Chang Min in May Queen)
I come accross a picture of him.
Which look kinda handsome.
When i click the pic..
Suddenly i saw the tittle.
Jae Hee confirm marriage and had a 1 years old son.
Oh my heart was rolling-rolling on the floor.. 
And tear apart at the same time....
(buat teruk!)

huahuahua,,, Look at him..
Really like that expression... wehhuuu
Alrite ,, alrite..
Whats there to be so heartbroken when he deserve to be happy,
Congratulations anyway...
I will continue enjoying, loving u as long as i live...
JAE HEE Rules!

Till then...
Thanx for reading!! 
sarang hae!


Anyeong haseyo....
Hello everyone.
Have u watch the drama Queen In Hyun`s Man
If you dont watch it yet.
Please do it now!!!..
or else you will regret it..

This is a story about A man from 17th century with a girl from 20th century.
They fall in love and overcoming all the obstacle for them to be together.
Kim Bung Do and Choi Hee Jin meet at the set of the Drama Queen In Hyun which taken place at
Gyeongbukgong Palace.
Kim Bung Do , who was a Joseon scholar travel to the present year because of his talisman.
The talisman help him whenever he face with danger.
He was a very bright and intelligent scholar,
so he figured there must be an anal of Joseon in the present year.
With the help of Choi Hee Jin he managed to change his destiny.
In history, he was supposed to die at the at age of 27 when he was accused of treason by Minister Min and been held captive at Jeju island.
Since he already know about his death, he did not eat the meal that been prepared for him which had been poisoned.

He manage to escape and travel back to present world to meet with his woman , Hee Jin.
Hee Jin had cried her eyes out when he read the anal that state he was dead but
very excited when he received a call from Kim Bung Do from Jeju Island.
He went there to meet him and take him back to Seoul where he want to travel back to his world to meet with the minister who had frame him for the crime he did not do.
When all the other party knew about his talisman ,
they tried to steal it from him.
Even the gisaeng who had gave him the talisman died because of that.
the talisman reach the gangster hand but it did not work for them since the talisman is dedicated to him only...
At last the talisman had ruin but he manage to travel to present world and they live happily ever after...

This drama i think is the best drama ever!
the screenplay, the character is satisfying.
He was a real cool man and really steal my heart and she was the girl you wish you was her ..
My heart was melting so badly..

So,,, what are u waiting for..
Watch now!
thanxxx for reading !!

Friday, 16 November 2012


Assalamualaikum... :)
Anyeong haseyo everyone !!
Thanx for stopping by and reading my review...
For today its korean Horror , Bloody Reunion..
I bet a lot of u had watch this since this movie was release back in 2006.
Well for me, i only watch it by today... poor me.. :)

The movie is about a student who had been mental abuse by her middle school teacher.
The teacher , who bore a child who are deformed had place that child under the basement.
Since that teacher had hurt the student feeling and make them unsuccesful in their life,
They want to take a revenge.
Did they succeed? well... 
Please watch it now..........
This is such a scary movie because then all of the student had been killed brutally .
And the killer was someone you never thought that person would be...


Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Hello. hello.. Anyeong haseyo everyone!
i just finished watching Arang and the majistrate.. 
it was such a great - great drama,,
20 episode. 
A great collaboration of Lee Jung Ki and Shin Min Ah..

The drama is about a ghost name Arang who lost all her memory before her death and had been wandering around Miryang town for 3 years.
She then meet with Kim Eun Oh who later became Magistrate of the Miryang town.
Kim Eun Oh is a very special person because he can see ghost and thats how he managed to get to know Arang.
Arang need that magistrate to solve the secret behind her death while that Magistrate need Arang to find his mother since Arang had her mother`s hair pin with her.
She claimed that she had that hair pin since the day she became ghost.
The hair pin was given by his master along with a fan which can kill soul.
His master is actually Jade Emperor.
They became close since then. Later Arang find out her identity.
 Her real name when she was a human was Lee Seo Rim.
She was a daughter to Magistrate of that town who also passed away after two years of her death.
She once engaged with Lord Choi son Choi Ju Wal.
But nothing had any connection to her death.
Later her body was found at the stream.
And from that day on she promised to Lee So Rim corpse that she will find out about her death.

 She meet with the shaman name Bang Ul Ri who only hear her voice and did not see her.
By the help of the shaman she managed to enter the underworl and meet with the Jade Emperor and Yeom Ra to asked about her death.
The Jade Emperor gave her a chance to find out about her death herself and let her became an immortal human. If she managed to reveal the truth about her death, she will be given a prize of heaven
and if she doesnt she will go to hell.
When she discover the real truth about her death, the bell wing ring.
She then returned to Miryang town and meet with the Magistrate
She told him about it and then they begin to investigation again.
Soon after that , they found a house in the middle of the forbidden woods.
And nearby there are unknown skeleton at that place .
The magistrate thought one of the skeleton belong to his mother.
So he instructed all the skeleton to be moved to the magistrate office and all of them are a women skeleton
since all of them were found with women accessories.
And that place was locked with a talisman which block heaven.
Means all soul that are inside there can never cross nor come in there.
And heavens cannot detect the location of the soul ..
Kim Eun Oh removed all the talisman.

He became more suspicious when he found out that the same talisman was placed at  Lord Choi house.
He went there and try to sneak up and find an underground place but no one was there.
That place was belong to a heaven fairy name Mooyeon who want to became a human.
She used human body to reside and will eat a human liver every full moon on lap year to gain her power.
She moved from one human to another and this time it was Kim Eun Oh Mother.
Mooyeon had used Lord Choi as her servant and in return she gave him wealthiness and power.
Choi Ju Wal were actually not Lord Choi son.
He was once an unfortunate child that Moo Yeon used to kill all the girls that were found buried at that site.
The only person that can kill her is Moo Yeong who was a Grim Reaper and her brother and lover when she was a human. When Kim Eun Oh finally saw Moo Yeon in his mom Presence he was so shock. He thought he had finally meet his mom .Later on he learn that Moo Yeon just using his mother`s body.
When Moo Yeon found out that Arang had an immortal body , she want her body because she want to live forever.

Moo Yeong tried to kill Mooyeon many times but failed everytime.
Moo Yeon ran away since Kim Eun Oh and Moo Yeong found his whereabout.
In the meantime , magistrate Kim Eun Oh had revealed all the dirty work Lord Choi had done. Lord Choi had been caught and while taking him to the court, his right hand man had kill him and thats the end of Lord  Choi life. Soon as Moo Yeon began to loose her power , Arang slowly recover her memory.
She then remember how she die but still the bell didnt ring.
There must be something wrong with it.
Kim Eun Oh had to kill his own mother in order to get Moo Yeon out of her body.
And that was what his mother want him to do.
When Kim Eun Oh Stab his mother with the hair pin that the jade Emperor gave to him,
Moo Yeon get out of Kim eun Oh`s mom body.
She ran to Arang to take over her body, but since she is so weak , she failed.
Moo Yeong Kill her and kill himself after that.
Before that , He already told Kim Eun Oh how to find out about Arang death.
They have to go to the forest where they place a book of life and death.
and in order to go there they have to go by soul.
With the help of the shaman , they managed to go to that place.
But their soul have to return on time if not they will die.
Only Kim Eun Oh can enter the place where they place the book of life and death
And to find the book he must make it in time
Kim Eun found a shocking thing that his book were there.
He once died at the age of 6 but the Jade Emperor save him.
He also found the reason why Arang died.
It was because of herself. He then managed to meet with The Jade Emperor and Yeom Ra.
He want to replace Arang place if Arang had to go to Hell.
when the time was up the shaman tried to woke Arang and Kim eun Oh up,
But only Arang was awake while Kim Eun Oh still there.
Its finally time for Arang to go back. Soon Kim Eun Oh wake up and saw Arang was dragged to a black hole.He then push Arang away and give himself in instead.
Both of them went to heaven but They want to became a human.
They reincarnated and meet again in real life.
They live happily ever after... :)

Fuhhhh.. thats the end of the story.. I hope that u enjoy reading it and will watch this drama as soon as possible.. :) I skip a few part since its sooooo hard to story all the detail.. :)

Thanx for reading!

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Tittle : The Great Doctor
Year : 2012
Episode : 24
Network : SBS

Cast : 

Lee Min Ho ( Choi Young)

Kim Hee Seon ( Yoo Eun Soo)

Extended Cast : 

Lee Phillip ( Dr Jang Bin )

Park Se Young ( Princess Nogo0g)

Ryu Deok Hwan ( King Gongmin )

and many others...

Hello,, hello..
anyeong haseyo every one...
I have just finish watching this drama,,
Guess what ?? my eyes suddenly water when the drama end... 
Overwhelming happiness for the happy ending i guess,,:)

This drama is about a plastic surgery doctor named Yoo Eun Soo,  who travel back in the time of Goryeo Dynasty under reign of King Gongmin. She was dragged to this world by General Choi Young who was the king right arm.
And was promised to be send back to her world (present year) after she cure the queen who was hurt during the expedition to Goryeo from Yuan.
but after she had succeeding the surgery over the queen, King Gongmin didnt want her to leave Goryeo because her skill might be useful to the Goryeo nation but she refuse.
Choi Young , upon king Gongmin request did not keep his promise to send her back.
As a result, the doctor stab him and he was badly injured.
She felt so bad for doing that to him and went back to the palace to cure him until he is healthy again.
Because of her talent , many other opponent want to take her as their people. One of them is Gi Cheol, who was a brother to Empress Qi from Yuan nation.. 
He tried many tactic to take her but failed to the end.
He really want to go the the present world which they call it as Heaven. ALong with him are his pledged brother and sister who are very skillful. One has a very sharp ears and another one has a hand of fire. They are the person that accomplish every Gi Cheol wishes. Gi Cheol had a relic item who was originally an item own by a great doctor name Hwata. 
What so interesting about it is that all the item are all look like an item from a present world. 
He show that to Eun Soo and she was shock.
There were also a diary with her name in there. By using that diary She tried to solve the date of the heaven gate to open again. Beside Gi Cheol there is this other person who was actually King Gong Min uncle. He want the throne so badly that he had joint hand with Gi Cheol.
He even poisoned Eun Soo twice for that reason. 
Eun Soo and Choi Young grew very close . One day she safe a boy who had some kind of illness and he was Yi Seung Gye, The person that in the history will kill Choi Young and build the nation called Joseon. But Choi Young did not even waver, Both Eun Soo and Choi Young had grown to love each other. Even though she had figured out the date for the heaven door to be open, she had made a decision to stay with Choi Young till the end .
What happen next ??? Please watch it and you will know the ending.... :)

The drama is somewhat a very slow plotting but it sure is a good one.. since Lee Min Ho was there,
And still with the same cool character as always..
And thats what i love him the best.....
This is actually the 1st drama that i watch that happen during Goryeo, 
I kind of study a bit of it since i am history mania. 
Before i am only aware of Joseon .. I know Goryeo just by its name.
And as i reas about the nation i can conclude that Goryeo was not as great as Joseon dynasty  nation since it was ruled under the Monarch of Yuan. and in order to keep the relationship with Yuan all Goryeo king must married Yuan princess...

well thats it... I hope for those who did not watch this drama yet,,, Please do so.... 
And try to understand Goryeo through this drama,,,

Until then, bye! and thanxx for spending your precious time reading this! 

Monday, 5 November 2012


hello .. hello..
Anyeong haseyo!
Firstly I just want to know why did i watch the ending at my work place...
The answer is, i never thought my eyes will suddenly water... (@_@)
the ending just make me wanna cry...

I know most of you already watch this drama.
This drama is an adaption from Japanese Drama `Hana Kimi`
I donno if there is similarity in which part of the drama since i did not watch Hana Kimi,
But i like to the beautiful u so much,
Since episode 1.
The cast is Choi Min Ho as Kang Tae Joon
Sulli (Fx) as Goo Jae Hee
Lee Hyun Woo as Eun Gyul 
and many others extended cast

The story is about a girl name Goo Jae Hee who live in America,
She then came to Korea to the school where her favourite idol is studying.
Her favourite idol is Kang Tae Joon,
who is an Olympic Gold medal for High Jump,
She once get inspire by him when she was down.
"Miracle is another name for success"
This is the words that inspired her since then
Because the school was all boy school,
she had to disguise herself as a boy,
Luckily , She got to stay at the same room as Kang Tae Joon.
At first they did not get along,
Since Tae Joon dont like to share the room with others
but later on they became closer,
And Tae Joon found out that she was actually a girl,without her knowing.
But he pretend like nothing happen.
There is a doctor who work there know that she was a girl ,
when one day she went for a check up there,
But the doctor keep the secret since he think that Jae Hee want to do a good deeds to Tae Joon,
since Tae Joon Lost his confident over his mothers death when he was at Olympic Game
Beside Tae Joon, There is Eun gyul,
who was nice to Jae He since the First day she moved to that school,
They had became closer,
And Eun Gyul grew to like her more and more,
He thought he was a gay ,
He even confess to her...
when he finally discover that Jae Hee was a girl.
He is so mad ..
but then they made up again.
She manage to hide her gender until one day she faint. due to heavy workout.
At that time neither Tae Joon nor Eun Gyul was there,
Then all over the school discover she was actually a girl.
but all of them made the decision to let it be and not letting the head school know,
Jae Hee then realize its time for he to go.
She went back to America without Tae Joon knowing,
Tae Joon was at the qualification for Olympic game when she left,
But after a year they meet again,,,
and thats the end,

I just made it so simple since i want you guys to watch it yourself.
So what are u waiting for ?
watch now at



Tittle : Deep Rooted tree
Episode : 21
Network broadcasting : SBS
Cast : 
Jang Hyuk as Ddol Bok/Kang Chye yoon
Han Suk Kyu as King Sejong
Shin Se Kyung as Dam/So Yi

and many others extended cast

Hello . anyoeng haseyo everyone! 
Today i would like to review this drama which i had watch not long ago(this year)... 
This drama tell a story about how King Sejong had created Hangul (Korean Alphabet) and the revenge of a slave boy name Ddol Bok who lost his father and
 all his slave family because of the late King Tejong. 
Ddol Bok then grew up and became a warrior at the North and then he got accepted to became one of the Officer at the Palace. 
That bring him closer to King Sejong who he want to take revenge to.
 He thought his childhood friend, Dam had already dead too.
But  Dam was safe and she live at the Palace by using the name So Yi.
 She became mute because of the trauma that she had while his father and all other slave family been murder dramatically. 
She became one of King Sejong favourite Palace Woman and had cooperate in creating Hangul.
King Sejong while creating this alphabet had made a great effort to accomplish this. 
He even asked his people to cut the throat of a human to see how it look like on the inside.
At that time there are many people who oppose the creation of this alphabet. 
it is because when this easy alphabet is created,
all the commoner will know how to read and write.
It will be the threat to all the Noble Man.
The will not special again as all the people are clever.
But King Sejong only think of his people. 
He had try many thing to preserve all the material that he used in order to create Hangul.
and thanx to him, all the Korean people is using it now.
So all the hard work did not just go to waste just like that... :)
To know the ending of this drama . please watch it,,, 
It is a drama full of suspen and you will not getting tired watching it...

Try learning Hangul and you will know how easy the alphabet is. I had memorized all but still working on the language which is still in Level 1 (LOL)

Well, To Hangul Lovers, Please watch this..
Thats all for now and thanxx for reading... :)

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Hello. hello. Anyeonghaseyo. Assalamualaikum... :) Today i would like to give a review to my all time favourite Drama Hong Gil Dong.. The screenplay was written by the Hong Sister. and if u guys knew Hong Sister then you will know what kind of story it will come out to be...

I decided to watch this drama because its written by Hong Sister. And beside there is Jang Geun Suk in there. Before i watch certain drama actually I will search about the info, who the actor and actress and also screenplay. I came accross lead actor and try searching for the pic of him and i think he is just so-so at the first glance. Then i said to myself.. Jang Geun Suk is in there rite.. Dont mind that so so lead actor. But after a few episode , I fall in love totally , madly deeply to that lead actor and forget about Jang Geun Suk Completely... :)

So who is the guy that had stolen my lil heart.. ?

He is Kang Ji Hwan. For Korean drama lover, u might recognize this guy.. :) this is the 1st drama of his that i watch and i really like the attitude that he represent. The drama revolved around Joseon Dynasty era.He is an olja ( mother was a slave and father was a noble man). So being born as olja, he cannot do anything, He is actually a very inteligent person but since his father said he cannot do anything(goes to school, take the gov test and work as official), so he didn`t do anything. Even so, he still love his father. He is willing to do anything his father asked him to do. Even dying..  He learn martial art from a Monk. His dream is to change the world (human live status where he want all the human are equal). He steal from the noble and give the wealth to the poor.. He is like Joseon Robin Hood..

This drama will make u laugh out loud.. Trust me (Always said this words) .. But well trust me. I watch this online, and i bought a cd and watch it with my sister . She further her study in KL and brought the CD along and watch with her friend and all of her friend love it...They like it so much until the one of the cd lost and never found again.. until now... See... the power of Hong Gil dong.. :)

This drama is a combination of History, Comedy, Romantic, Sad moment, Melodrama.. You will find yourself crying and laughing at the same time.. well thats happen to me anyway.. if thats not happen to u then i need to re-schedule  my mental again...... :)

Sung Yu ri as Heo Yi Nok . She is a cheerful and happy go lucky girl and she is the girl of Hong Gil DOng Life. Even the prince Love Her... :) what a lucky lady.. I really relly like her in this drama . I am so so glad if they are real couple in real live cos they look so good together,,, :)

so,,, what are waiting for ?? GO and watch this drama.. NOW! :)


This drama is about a modern doctor , who travel back to the Joseon dynasty time during King Gojong reign . He meet with Prince Heungseon (King Gojong father) and became close to him. Luckily when he lost in the Joseon time, he bring along the bag with a few medical equipment. He had help the people of Joseon through his modern medical experince. He perform surgery and even made penicillin to the joseon people..He also meet the girl name Mina whose face look like his own fiance in modern life. Because of his medical skill he almost change history because he had save the person he shouln`t save. But luckily everything turn back to normal and he manage to came back to the modern life .

Through this drama, you can learn Korean History which is kind of alienated to us who isn`t Korean Citizen. I really2 like the history kind of story like this. Even though its mix with the fiction but the originallity of the history still preserve.

I hope you guys enjoy watching this drama like I did,,, till then,,, Gamsahamnida !


This is my favourite sitcom... Liking it so much that i dont want this sitcom to end. If i finish this sitcom i think i will watch in over again.. This sitcom is so hilarious that whenever i watch it, i will laugh out loud until all my family wonder what type of story did i watch that make me laugh like that.Before i had heard about this sitcom but didnt intend to watch it.. But since this drama had become so glamour and people are starting to talk about it, i decided to give it a try. And the result , I am sticking to this sitcom like a glue! To those who never watch this. please please do so or you will regret for the rest of your life :)


The sitcom is about a very funny family and each and every member of this family has a very unique character which . The storyline of this sitcom is about the family everyday life activity..... I dont know if there is people who doesnt think this sitcom is funny but for me this is the best so far.

This is the head of the family . Lee Sun Jae. He is very straight father and grandfather to the Lee family. He is an Oriental Doctor and he work at his own hospital which situated at the same building as their house. He is married to Na Mun Hee , who used to be the maid at his house when he was young. He love to kick his son and grandson butt when he is angry. Somethick he knock a spoon at their head. 

This is Mr Lee Soon Jae Wife, Na Mun Hee(thats her real name). She is a very loving mother, grandmother and wife. She was the maid at Lee Soon Jae house when she was young. She dont like her 1st daughter in law that much because of her attitude. But when the times passes by, she grow to get used to her. She babysit Joonie, her 2nd son`s baby since they divorce

jung jun ha as Lee Jun Ha. He is the 1st son of Lee Family . Married to Park Haemi and have two son, Lee Yunho and Lee Min Ho. He used to work as Stock Adviser quit his work and work at home taking care of his father stock. Soon after a few years he team up with his friend an open a firm. He is a funny person and he liked to fart whenever he please and thats the reason he always got that high kick from Mr Lee Sun Jae. 

Park Haemi is Lee Jung Ha wife. She is also an oriental doctor. She work together with her father in law at their family clinic. She is a very bright person. Her personalities sometimes is a bit arrogant and ignorance. Even i grow to hate her at first because of that so confident attitude that she had. She is a loving mother and romantic wife. 

Choi Min Yong as Lee Min Yong is the second son`s of Lee Family. He is a sport Teacher at Pungpa High School where the all his niece goes to school. He is a very cool guy . Once married to Shinji and divorced . He had a son name Joon. He secretly dating Pungpa High School English teacher . He had a really bad relationship with his sister in law Haemi because of their opposite opinion and other stuff

Kim Hye Seong play the role Lee Min Ho in this sitcom. He is th 1st grandson of Lee family and the first son to Lee Jung Ha and Park Hae Mi. He is straight A student at Pungpa and also the favourite grandson of the family. Although he is the brother to Lee Yun Ho, because of his small phisical , he alway been bullied by YunHo. He is best friend with Kim Bom. He date Kang Yu Mi until one day Yumi left him without words. 

Jeong Il Woo as Lee Yun Ho. He is the 2nd grandson of Lee Family . A very interesting boy, He love to sleep at school. He came in and  go out through the window whenever he want to enter the class or even go home. He is a guy who every girl dream of. With handsome face and sophisticated look, He sure capture girl heart. But he did not date anyone. He had a crush on his homeroom teacher Miss Seo Min Jong , who dated his uncle. He know martial art and he like to ride on motorbike.

and the list goes on..... Please watch this sitcom. and you will totally loving it .. Trust me..