Monday, 19 November 2012


Anyeong haseyo....
Hello everyone.
Have u watch the drama Queen In Hyun`s Man
If you dont watch it yet.
Please do it now!!!..
or else you will regret it..

This is a story about A man from 17th century with a girl from 20th century.
They fall in love and overcoming all the obstacle for them to be together.
Kim Bung Do and Choi Hee Jin meet at the set of the Drama Queen In Hyun which taken place at
Gyeongbukgong Palace.
Kim Bung Do , who was a Joseon scholar travel to the present year because of his talisman.
The talisman help him whenever he face with danger.
He was a very bright and intelligent scholar,
so he figured there must be an anal of Joseon in the present year.
With the help of Choi Hee Jin he managed to change his destiny.
In history, he was supposed to die at the at age of 27 when he was accused of treason by Minister Min and been held captive at Jeju island.
Since he already know about his death, he did not eat the meal that been prepared for him which had been poisoned.

He manage to escape and travel back to present world to meet with his woman , Hee Jin.
Hee Jin had cried her eyes out when he read the anal that state he was dead but
very excited when he received a call from Kim Bung Do from Jeju Island.
He went there to meet him and take him back to Seoul where he want to travel back to his world to meet with the minister who had frame him for the crime he did not do.
When all the other party knew about his talisman ,
they tried to steal it from him.
Even the gisaeng who had gave him the talisman died because of that.
the talisman reach the gangster hand but it did not work for them since the talisman is dedicated to him only...
At last the talisman had ruin but he manage to travel to present world and they live happily ever after...

This drama i think is the best drama ever!
the screenplay, the character is satisfying.
He was a real cool man and really steal my heart and she was the girl you wish you was her ..
My heart was melting so badly..

So,,, what are u waiting for..
Watch now!
thanxxx for reading !!