Monday, 8 October 2012

A THOUSAND KISSES ~ Muuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhh~

Tittle : A thousand Kisses
Episode : 50
Genre : Romantik / Melodrama
Broadcast Network : MBC
Year : 2011

Cast :
 Seo Young Hee (Woo Joo Young)

Ji Hyun Woo ( Jang Woo Bin )

Ryu Jin ( Woo Jin ) and Kim Soo Eun ( Joo Mi )

And Many others extended cast. The episode is of course make u guys think 100 times whether want to continue watching or not.. My suggestion u should!!! This drama is absalutely amazing and make u want to watch more. Trust me! I am addicted to it . and down to my 40 something episode now. or Probably at the time u guys read this review , i had finish it.. :)

The story is about a divorced woman(Joo Young) with a son(Chan Noh), who had fall in love with a bachelor(Jang Woo Bin). Sound a lil corny huh.. LOL.. Joo Young had a sis named Joo Mi. and both of them grew up without their mother. They live with just their father and Grandmother. So when they grew up, Joo Mi start dating and want to get married but it turn out that the groom ( Woo Jin ) is her biological mother`s step son. ( Her mother get married after divorced with their father) .When their grandmother find out about this , she declined. but after a few thinking , she decided to approved their marriage for Joo Mi sake , Without all other family knowing.

Soon when they want to get married, Joo Young find out that the person her sister will married is none other than Woo Bin Cousin. And Woo bin was in a terrible shock too when he find out that her cousin will marry Joo Young lil sister. They are so frustrated but still their love not waver even a bit.. When Woo Bin mother find out that her only son is dating with a divorce woman , she was so Mad! and try all the mean to break them apart .. but still they did not waver.. At last she gave up and gave the approval even though her heart is torn in pieces.. They did the engagement but..... no happiness last for long... 

what happen after that ? 
will they be able to maintain their relationship until last? what about Joo Young and Joo Mi biological mother , will she be able to keep a secret and treat Joo Mi as daughter in law until the end ... If u want to find out .. Please watch ... :)))))

the chart .. this is how they connect.... :))

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